Saturday, July 24, 2010

BP 'Spills Coffee'

By now, the world should be well aware of the destruction that has been going on in the Gulf of Mexico - that is, the extremely large crude oil spill caused by a broken British Petroleum (BP) oil well in the middle of the ocean.

Every day we keep on reading the news about the 'progress' BP is making to stem the leak. What progress? I put the word progress in quotations because there really hasn't been much progress. The truth is, it is very difficult to cleanse a GULF of water that has been choked with hundreds of millions of litres of oil. Undoubtedly, this event is a very serious issue and the future of oil drilling and oil exploration must be re-evaluated constantly. I shudder when I hear that oil exploration is happening in the Arctic.

As I said earlier, we keep reading the news about the oil spill. But information and opinion on this tragedy is not contained to only the news. It has leaked to many different media, from concerned citizens making their own youtube videos in offering their own solutions to stop the oil spill, to blogs and much more. I found a youtube video today that I would say is a very truthful representation - a comedic parody - of how British Petroleum and other parties have handled the situation thus far.

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