Thursday, June 3, 2010

Canadian Federal Government ADMITS Greenhouse Gas Targets WEAKER than Predicted

There is something terribly wrong with that title.

More than one thing wrong.

I mean, how often does a government admit wrongdoing, and when you read that 'greenhouse gas targets are weaker than predicted', you know there is a problem.

In fact, the Canadian federal government today announced (through a posting on the Environment Canada website) that their climate change policies would be 10 times weaker in effect than what they had said only 1 year ago.

A news article in June 2nd's National Post stated, 'the government said its policies would reduce the growth in greenhouse gas emissions from Canada by about five megatonnes in 2010. The figure marks a substantial drop from an estimate made last June that federal policies would reduce the growth of emissions by 52 megatonnes for the year.'


It means that the Canadian government is remaining consistent in their absolute non-effort, their sit-back-and-watch-the-glaciers-melt approach towards establishing stronger environmental laws and policies. And they are certainly living up to their honour of being the planet Earth's Fossil of the Year.

As a young Canadian citizen, I feel utterly disgraced to have my country's leaders do just about nothing for the environment! With Canada's beautiful natural outdoors, wildlife, and resources, the Canadian people should ALWAYS feel privileged to live here. Canadians must do everything we can to be gentle on the Earth. Canadians must appreciate, enjoy, and protect our natural surroundings.

Stand up for what you believe in, Canadians, and citizens of the world! Stand up and do whatever you can think of to send the message through the thick skull of Mr. Government Of Canada. Think of some innovative action ideas or find existing campaigns that are bringing awareness and advocacy to environmental problems that relate to poor environmental governance. Look at the great world awareness and advocacy that the 350 campaign brought to the world, about the dangers of exceedingly high carbon dioxide concentrations in our atmosphere.

You can begin your creative awareness and advocacy action by yourself, or with your friends. Just think, the 350 campaign must have started out with a small group of individuals who were inspired to do something about what they felt passionate for. You also have the same ability to create change, just as they did.

Start now.

(To read the entire National Post news article, click here.)

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