Monday, December 7, 2009

UN Climate Change Conference: The Most Important Conversation of Our Time.

Actually, it's not a conversation. It's a very serious chat that will influence the future of mankind. That sounds exaggerated, but truly, it's not. Think about it.

Now consider this:

December 7, 2009.

This day marks the beginning of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Attending this most important conference are world leaders, officials, and delegates from 192 states and countries. I feel that this conference is one of the most important events that must bring the world forward in terms of creating REAL, FUNCTIONAL policies and infrastructure. There are many countries that have fallen behind and even gone backwards in their progress towards establishing climate sustainability solutions.

*cough* CANADA *cough*.

Yes, I am putting Canada under the spotlight. Canada's leaders deserve it.

"Canada enters the climate talks as a global laggard. With the oil sands and Ottawa's response to Kyoto under heavy scrutiny, the country's reputation is on the line."- as quoted from the front page of the Globe and Mail for December 7, 2009.

So what can we do to take part in the climate change 'negotiations'? If you are not traveling to Denmark this December, the most effective action is to make impacts on the local level, and gradually attempt to go larger-scale. It isn't hard to get in contact with your city's mayor or an elected municipal official regarding your city's infrastructure and how green and efficient it is. And having support from your peers and community is always better than presenting yourself alone. Just a thought that could go a long way.

By the way, the logo for COP15 as seen above looks impressive. Hopefully what is accomplished there is also impressive.


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